Where knowledge from thousands of massages shapes one unique experience

Our New Soul Massage combines learnings from over >10,000 massage sessions with different wellness- and therapeutical massage elements. We believe that this treatment guarantees the highest standards of massage-craft with every visit to ensure an unparalleled experience for your physical and mental health.

man getting his neck massaged

Our treatments

Alongside our New Soul signature massage, we offer a range of additional treatments tailored to satisfy every customer's needs.

Deep-tissue massage
Intensive relaxation with a therapeutic approach for your body. Targets deep muscle layers and chronic tension. Experience renewal and relief from within.
Sports massage
Dynamic massage for active bodies. Targets the muscles fatigued by your specific sport. Feel vitality and rapid recovery for enhanced performance.
Cosmetic lymphatic drainage
Gentle treatment for radiant beauty. Activates lymphatic flow and detoxifies your skin. Feel refreshed and renewed for a glowing appearance.
Inner Balance massage
Deeply relaxing massage technique that has a calming effect on the nervous system and can also relieve severe stress-related tension in the muscles. Body and mind can recharge and find peace.

Setting new quality standards with our top talent

We train our massage-therapists not only in traditional techniques but also for latest methods to treat each customer individually. Our goal is to set a new standard of quality in massage. This is only possible if all our employees are motivated and satisfied. We strive to attract and further educate the best talents to live up to our claim as a top employer in the massage industry.

Open positions
3 therapist

Our studio in the middle of Berlin

In the elegantly designed premises of our studio, equipped with the highest quality materials, you will find an oasis of calm amidst everyday life.

2 chairs
massage bed
wooden wall with sink
2 chairs
massage bed
wooden wall with sink
New opening

Studio Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Visit our new addition in the heart of Berlin at Lottumstraße 15

  • 71 square metres in size
  • Open almost 365 days per year
  • Heated massage tables
  • 6 therapists at your service
  • Every massage enhanced with our unique light-therapy concept
wooden walls with sink

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